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Baro Jobs is a website for jobs in Ethiopia with the head office in Addis Ababa

Baro Jobs is a newly created website to advertise jobs in Ethiopia. Formally known as Abyss Employment, the name was changed to Baro Jobs to reflect the significant of Baro River in western Ethiopia.

The website has every category for any type of job whether blue  color or white colour jobs. Accessed via, the website serves all regions of Ethiopia.

Head Office

The Office is located in Megenegna’s Bethlehem Plaza. It is quite in a good location accessed easily in and around Addis Ababa. It is almost few minutes’ drive from Mercato, Bole, Leghaar, Piaassa, and many parts of Addis Ababa

Free Service

At this stage, Baro Jobs advertise every job and every banner for free. There is no charge involved in listing a job ad. We therefore urge every business to keep listing their jobs on the website. It is a good way of making use of the technology than posting job ads on trees and noticeboards.

Facebook Fans of Baro Jobs

There are quiet a large number of followers of Baro Jobs on Facebook. Our Facebook Page is Baro Jobs. Currently, we have over 30,000 Facebook Likes and over 31,000 Facebook Page followers. We share any job that we list on Baro Jobs website in Baro Jobs Facebook Page keeping in touch and interacting with our audiences.