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Baro Jobs is a website for jobs in Ethiopia with the head office in Addis Ababa

There are a lot of Jobs being advertised every day in Ethiopia. The majority of these jobs are published on the news paper. There are online website which advertise jobs online. Some of these websites include the Baro Jobs accessed via

Baro Jobs is a newly designed website and easy to navigate. It has employer and the employee panel. In Baro Jobs, the dominant jobs that got advertised are accountant, sales, teaching, engineering and managerial jobs. There are also hospitality jobs as well as jobs in the auto industry. The fan base of Baro Jobs is very minimal compared to what is there in the market. Although Baro Jobs has a large number of fans, it is yet to attract paid customers.

Baro Jobs accessed via is a newly founded website for jobs in Ethiopia. With the name derived from Baro River in Gambelia, It is expected that Baro Jobs will be one of the leading advertisers for jobs in the country.

There is no reason why this aspiration on the owner may not thrive because with population, businesses flourish. Ethiopia having the population of more than 100 Million means that finding a job in the old advertisement way would virtually be impossible. But with technology it can be as simple as a blink of an eye.

Do the people of Ethiopia has more job prospects than their east Africans counterparts?

Ethiopia economy is relative good and stable compared to a lot of other African population where unemployment rate can often be as high as over 50 percent. But Ethiopia being a stable country offers many jobs to its population. In that case, the more there is a positive outlook about the jobs, the more the demand may get because these jobs need to be put out.

What is the usual way of advertising jobs in Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia, Jobs get advertised in the news paper and to some extent on TV. This standard is like USA or Australia in the late 1990s or early 2000s where TV, newspapers and magazine dominated the advertisement as far as jobs ads are concerned. But that is not entirely the case for Ethiopia. Internet has taken shape and many websites are advertising jobs online

What are the websites that advertise jobs online?

There are some dominant job websites such as Ethio jobs and Employ Ethiopia. But there are emerging ones too. These emerging ones include Baro Jobs accessed via

When was Baro Jobs Created?

Baro Jobs as a domain was registered few months ago. But the website was already operational with the old domain named Abyss Employment. Abyss Employment was later abandoned for Baro Jobs because the word is much familiar with the Ethiopian public as it is derived from Baro River in Gambella.

Who are the intended customers for Baro Jobs?

Baro Jobs is happy to serve any business wishing to hire staff. If you know any company looking forward to hiring new staff, refer them to us. We will match them with the right choice.


Since Technology took shape about ten years ago particularly in western world, there has been a decline in many jobs and rise of some other jobs that never existed. That make you wonder if

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Baro Jobs is a newly created website to advertise jobs in Ethiopia. Formally known as Abyss Employment, the name was changed to Baro Jobs to reflect the significant of Baro River in western Ethiopia.

The website has every category for any type of job whether blue  color or white colour jobs. Accessed via, the website serves all regions of Ethiopia.

Head Office

The Office is located in Megenegna’s Bethlehem Plaza. It is quite in a good location accessed easily in and around Addis Ababa. It is almost few minutes’ drive from Mercato, Bole, Leghaar, Piaassa, and many parts of Addis Ababa

Free Service

At this stage, Baro Jobs advertise every job and every banner for free. There is no charge involved in listing a job ad. We therefore urge every business to keep listing their jobs on the website. It is a good way of making use of the technology than posting job ads on trees and noticeboards.

Facebook Fans of Baro Jobs

There are quiet a large number of followers of Baro Jobs on Facebook. Our Facebook Page is Baro Jobs. Currently, we have over 30,000 Facebook Likes and over 31,000 Facebook Page followers. We share any job that we list on Baro Jobs website in Baro Jobs Facebook Page keeping in touch and interacting with our audiences.


Accessing Abyss Employment Account is so easy. To create an account in Abyss Employment, you need to have a username and password which you can remember. Then when you log in, you will see an employer dashboard. There you will see a profile, and many other things. I will provide a list shortly.