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Baro Jobs is a website for jobs in Ethiopia with the head office in Addis Ababa
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Baro Jobs viewed via has been in operation for nearly three years one of which is very effective. We created a Facebook page for it in the second year of its operation.

Upon creation, we have had some like as few as 15 a week. We thank those who entrusted us helping us in the promotion of our service, which at this stage is offered for free. We have been advertising job offers for companies and businesses who look for employee.

Our Vision for Baro Jobs

That is our vision because we want online advertisement the basis of advertisement because it is cheap or free in some forms. However, that can sometime be hard to achieve if there is no enough exposure on the product. Not a lot of people knows about this great website ever built in Ethiopia for job ads.

To make more popular, we invested on Facebook and asked Facebook to campaign for us. That has been significant. We get around 200 new likes a week. Over the past few weeks, the number of likes has been exponential.

We are very grateful for that and we do still need your help. We want you to share every post we put online because the more you do that for us, the popularity Baro Jobs website will become. We urge you to ask your friends to share our Facebook Posts as well from you when you shared them.

At this stage, let us be technology equip. We are educated enough to be putting out job posts and vacancies on trees and news board.

That is what Abyss Employment is all about trying to make it for everyone to be able to look for jobs on their smartphone, desktop or laptop.