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Baro Jobs is a website for jobs in Ethiopia with the head office in Addis Ababa
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By Pel K Chol

The impact of Technology has already been felt in the developed world as far as job losses is concerned . This is because jobs that are performed by humans are no longer available.

The rapid growth in technology has meant that big companies are able to save much money because the drones and robots which perform much of this work equally provide the same kind of job satisfaction that human provide. 

Nowadays, security guard positions are required only for crowd control and night clubs in case a brawl erupts for them to break it up which a robot cannot do. Other than that much of the jobs like watchman have been lost to technology. No human perform that role any more. This has a drastic effect because jobs that are availble for the public do not sustain the demand.

This may only get worse as technology increases because there is a work in progress by certain companies in USA where a bar attandent role may be replaced by robot.

public does not   either done by computer or robot. For example, many companies in the developed world used to hire loss prerevtnion  used to be protected by security guard for sinatce,